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What is Pay for the

Recently, I got a message in my inbox informing me about some event that's going to be held really soon, which will involve musicians, and most importantly pay for the musicians, which prompted an almost immediate response with a brief Q & A session. The lady whom I chatted with was none other than Christina Braggiotti. I told her to simply answer the questions and I would eventually get around to posting the answers she provided me with on this here blog. She responded by saying that she wanted to send me the reply in a word document (latest version, by the way, so it's a good thing I had word X installed!) Anyways, here's a brief explanation of what Pay for the Band is all about... with all the information below being taken and translated to a user friendly blog format, courtesy of yours truly. The brief interview session follows the bios section. Enjoy the read!

Pay For the Band Site Logo Image
"Where the FAN makes the BAND" is a revolutionary social networking website that allows the fan to control local band revenue, demand local talent at high profile venues, and to personally connect with local artists. is designed to build a personal bond between local support (fans) and local talent (Artists).

It allows the fan to quickly look up who’s playing when, purchase VIP passes, merchandise and follow a band. gives the band an unprecedented opportunity to market themselves through song, video, featured artists, and fan lists in ONE, CENTRAL location!

In addition to these terrific features, the band has access to other bands, venues, statistics (whose my top fan, how often am I looked at, who contributes the most, etc….), their own merchandise store, battle of the band competitions, upcoming events in their area, and the BAND KEEPS their "donations"

All these benefits for only $25 US Dollars a year! No monthly fees or dues. That’s less than a month at the gym! The band has the potential to earn an ADDITIONAL $200 per gig just for being a part of the site and participating in the VIP Fan Program (limited to 20 fans per event). These VIP events include backstage meet and greets (further building the relationship with the fan), a signed piece of merchandise, or a personal phone call from one of the band members (what a great gift idea!).

Meet the PayForTheBand Staff:

Matt Coleman Image

Matt Coleman - President and CEO

Sarah Synder Image

Sarah Snyder - Field Marketing

Christina Braggiotti Image

Christina Braggiotti - Market Development

PS: Can you tell us what The PayForTheBand Website that you're currently planning to put together is all about?

CB: PayForTheBand was inspired by local bands that have a passion for music and their fans. PFTB was created by musicians for musicians. Founder and CEO, Matt Coleman, is an original band member of Crown ov Thornz based out of VA. This band of five played for five consecutive years with an extremely loyal fan base, but struggled to survive while juggling a ‘real’ job and playing on the side. The unique thing about this site is that it offers an alternative to depending solely on ‘gigs’ for income. CEO Matt knows firsthand what it’s like to try to maintain a stable income while pursuing the passion of music and creating and maintaining a loyal fan base.

The website is a cross between MySpace and Facebook and truly is a place 'where fans make the band.' A concept long lost in the music industry! It focuses solely on LOCAL bands, LOCAL venues, and LOCAL fans. Fans are able to pay $10 to do a VIP meet and greet after the show, have their merchandise signed, or receive a personal phone call from the band member. This is limited to 20 fans per show and is an extra $200 for the band per gig. Not bad! ;)

Also, the band can showcase their merchandise, set up a store, find venues, battle of the bands, etc. There's a classified and stats tracking....who's your biggest fan, how many fans, a fan distribution list, etc.

PS: How have you managed to secure funding for the performers involved?

CB: The site is 100% fan based. The fans make the donations, therefore TRULY ‘making the band.’ The success of the band is limitless. There is no corporate advertising. ALL the money goes DIRECTLY to bands via PayPal. The only revenue the site gets is the initial yearly sign up fee of $25 US dollars to cover site development costs.

PS: Are there any major players sponsoring this aforementioned event?

CB: PFTB is dependent on band membership where the band signs up for a VERY nominal annual fee of $25 allowing them to MARKET THEMSELVES and giving them unlimited earning potential, including additional revenue of $200 per gig through VIP events. There are no advertisers, so the website is easy to navigate. There are classifieds so if a band is looking for a venue, artist, repair shop, or battle of the bands, they can find what they need.

PS: What's your take on the Miami music scene in general?

CB: Miami has a bold, FUN, unique music scene that is unlike no other! Where else can you find rock, house, indie, or hip hop on one street? We are truly an eclectic musical scene! There is unlimited support in Miami from the fans to the bands! We live in an exciting mix of musical talent!

PS: If this upcoming event (i.e. website launch) of yours is successful, what do you all plan on doing next?

CB: After PFTB goes live, the team will travel and interview at least one local band a week, visiting shows, and celebrating bands’ successes. These featured artists will be posted to the site for members to see and learn more about!

PS: Do you hope to do this type of event planning as a career, or is it just a "for the time being" sort of a project?

CB: Well, my 'real' job is a Marketing Development Analyst for a technologies company, but my PASSION is music! ;)

Right now, it’s a hobby, but the three of us plan on making it a career. It’s a passion that runs through our veins. We can’t help but dedicate our time, effort, and sweat into this.

I have been working on some ideas and a website for LOCAL talent now for about two years. I have finally found some people with the same PASSION and VISION and am launching it in Mid-September! I am soooo FREAKIN' EXCITED! It's AWESOME and it's going to be AMAZING!

PS: Is your staff planning on having any upcoming events or launch parties for this new website launch?*

CB: Absolutely! The target metro areas in Florida include: Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa.

So there you have it people,, the new innovative website "Where the FAN Makes the BAND!" Be sure to check it out, if you ever get the chance! And don't forget to add these cats as a friend on MySpace! This has been P.S. Elliott (AKA: Dr. Gonzo XXVII) reporting for the disassociated press, that is... The Gnoyze Guitar Mods & More Web Blog.

* This question was actually a slightly revised, restructured, and/or reworded variation of a question that was offered by the PFTB staff. So I just wanted to give props out to where they are due without taking credit for what's not technically mine. So there you go... enjoy!

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