Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Peasants with Feathers

Hello once again everybody, I recently asked an old acquaintance of mine, going by the stage name of Peasants with Feathers to do an interview for this here blog, and he happily agreed to do so... so without any further ado, here it is... yet another Gnoyze exclusive for the likes of you all out there in the blogosphere!

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PS: Can you explain the origin behind your stage name?

PWF: Peasants With Feathers is a name i just woke up one day and said to myself peasants with feathers, uhh wow that sounds really good... poor people (Peasants ) rising/flying to the top, gaining fame, recognition, making it big, that sort of thing.

PS: How long have you been a DJ?

PWF: I actually started off as a DJ when I was in 7th grade...this was back in 1989. I DJ'd 'til the summer of 1994, where I jumped on a PC looking for sounds and ways to create music through Midi Programs, and then eventually with more sophisticated programs.

PS: Describe for us your musical background... what artists inspire you the most, and how did you get involved in music?

PWF: I think I was inspired by my mom, who would blast the radio with 60's and 70's music. That hippy/disco music got me hyper. I once got so excited that I decided to take my big wheel around the block by myself. I was about four or something like that; all i remember was getting in big trouble. But besides that um... people like Mantronix, The Fat Boys, Freestyle, Street Wars, Breakin', Guns N' Roses, wow too much to mention... lisss umm... J.J. Fad, basically everything I heard inspired me to what I did. You may have noticed the word "did" for I am currently retired from music and everything you hear that seems new is all prerecorded. I have been to the future and beyond, where I'm from there is no music, only silence. " Silence is the Ultimate Music " quote by Peasants With Feathers! (remember me when it happens)

PS: In your opinion, do you believe that a DJ needs to have a musical upbringing (meaning a musical education) or do you think that anybody with an appreciation for syncopated beats can do what you're doing?

PWF: I think that if your desire goes beyond what you consider music, only then can you appreciate music itself. This meaning, if you love music more than anything else around you, you can totally be free of criticism, or being afraid of rejection, or wanting others to hear your music basically to get feedback. So the answer is: no, you do not need a musical background, and yes anyone can make music.

PS: What's your opinion about the local music scene? Do you think it's more catered to DJ's such as yourself or do you feel that there's still room for live acts?

PWF: The local music scene is very much alive and kicking hard. People push it because they are afraid of it finishing. They don't want to succumb to just going to the movies, and eating dinner, and dates and stuff...they want to go, see, and hear live acts, and DJ's, and performances. There is still plenty of room for everyone and if there isn't room, we (the ones) who have made it, will always make way for the new.

PS: Explain your involvement with The Creature Tweaker Council... are you one of its original members?

PWF: The Creature Tweaker Council is a one way street of sound developers and I have provided the invisible road.

PS: That kind of sounds like there's some bad blood between you two, would you care to elaborate a little more upon that statement?

PWF: The one way street means that once you become a member of The Creature Tweaker Council, there is no getting out. Nobody leaves the council, they only take what they have learned and use it to make bigger and better things. I am in no way mad at anyone, in fact I'm proud of the success that many of the members are making.

PS: Do you consider music as an art form, meaning... is it an overall experimentation with sound, or is it just too heavily founded upon a set order/structure/rules or whatever it is that defines it as such?

PWF: To me sound has no rules, no measures, no ends, no beginnings. It is alive and dead simultaneously, it is neither art, nor music. Sound only has meaning to me. I love these types of questions because it brings people to question whether I am human or not.

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PS: Describe for us the creative process that you go through when you conjure up a new piece of music... how does the piece evolve and how do you know when its finished?

PWF: I get sounds from various places I can't mention. I used to use a program called Renoise; it's a tracking program. I also used Fruity Loops to mix sounds, and finally Sound Forge to render and alter sounds; folders and folders of VST Plug-ins. If you don't know how to add them to the software you are using, do some research. Much of what you can possibly learn is on the internet, and the rest is in your brain. My laptops are my hard drives, I will one day give them away as I see many artist give away CD's these days. I hope all of you are alive to see that day.

PS: How different can a mixed song be when its performed live as opposed to when its put together in a home studio?

PWF: I personally spend about two weeks in advance preparing a one hour mix of different genres of music to play at a club called PS14 every Friday night. So, I love it that I don't have to worry about messing up a mix, or sound quality, or anything like that so you can say I'm the safe kinda DJ/Composer/Artist/Musician/Actor/Title/Title/Title...

PS: Do you rely upon stage theatrics when it comes to live shows, or does your act rely more upon the music you produce... or is it a little bit of both?

PWF: People come to see me and I force feed them my music. There is a big difference between my live performance and my DJ'ing for a venue or a club or an arena.

PS: What's the difference? Is it in your approach to the songs you arrange, or does it involve some other type of element?

PWF: My live performances are my music while DJ'ing consists of Bass, Freestyle, Dubstep, Pop, and various others (genres) that I mix together weeks before a gig. Usually every Friday at PS14 (Flamingo Fridays). If you wanna know where I'll be, check my MySpace schedule. I also have to make appearances, signings, school, meetings, movies, videos, photo shoots, out of town events, and meetings that kill me. I need new interns if anyone is interstead.

PS: How would you rate the importance of online social sites when it comes down to putting the word out about your music?

PWF: Social sites are extremely important, 95% of my day involves netcializing*. Emails, Blogs, Music, Food, Sleep, Sex, Study, Word of Mouth, Clubs, Raves, Bars, Venues, Flyers, Events, School, Clothing, Love, Meetings, Laughter, Sex, Pics, Videos, VJ's, DJ's, Sex, Work, Sleep... The most important one is sleep, and it doesn't even matter when you do it. For instance going to sleep at 7pm and waking up at 3am. You will never guess who does that!

PS: As a music artist, do you find it hard to get people to listen to what you're doing, or do you rely more upon the success of your last venue to spread through word of mouth to attract more people?

PWF: People only come to my shows to be around me, and to hear what I'm going to play next, because they haven't heard it before, some love it and some hate it but they still love me for me because I treat everyone as if i truly did have a brother or sister.

PS: Where do you see yourself, as far as your music is concerned, in the next couple of years?

PWF: I have done it all... I am just waiting for rest of the world to catch up. I love all of you... Thanks, Mr.Peasants With Feathers.

PS: Okay, and finally... the other thing I would like to know for the benefit of my readers, is where can the public-at-large find more of your work online?

PWF: My work is rarely online, except when I change a song on my MySpace page. I don't make CD's, and I don't usually put out music. You're just going to have to wait until you see a flyer that says Live Performance on it. Then you'll say: "Oh! That's what he sounds like!" and then stay, or go.

Well, there you have it folks, Peasants with Feathers; a true eccentric and very eclectic musical genius! Please be sure to check out one of his live performances whenever you can. This has been P.S. Elliott (AKA: Dr. Gonzo XXVII) reporting for the disassociated press, that is... The Gnoyze Guitar Mods & More Web Blog.

* FYI: Netcializing is a combination of the words networking and socializing. Yes indeed, this is yet another milestone for the popularity of the American English language! Enjoy...

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