Monday, September 7, 2009

R.I.P. Jimi & Brian...

Hey again everybody, I apologize for not posting anything as of late, but I've had a rather bad dry know, just the usual lack of creative fluids flowing through this here rather unconscious (or semi-conscious) stream of writing that I call a hobby. This is all not to be taken so seriously, of course... yet somehow it means something, I know it! But it's not much nonetheless, never once making that much sense, or even some cash flow off of Adsense! Yes indeed, friends... my total earnings have amounted to mere pennies on the dollar. And I mean that; literally! Oh well, I do apologize for gloating here about all this, but an artist does have to make some money somehow, right?

Well, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not an artist, in the more traditional/conventional approach to showcasing his own talents off to the world. Mainly because, I just can't afford to do so! But more on that topic later... for as of right now, I'm currently engaged in a juggling act; between work, this blog, and my would be career as an artist. No wonder an artist's work is never finished, eh?  Maybe one day it'll all be completed somehow.

But all in due time... for now, let's go to the visual and have a lark; that is...a laugh! This image below, is just a summary of the guidelines set forth by the universal code of the world (or whatever it is that sounds important enough to be pulled out of one's own ass and published for all the world to see on this internet superhighway, currently functioning as a meaningless form of expression by yours truly over here) is what everybody in the office, or those of you whom are employed; each at your own general place of work and all, must adhere to every now and again, effective immediately... Enjoy!

Universal Program Management Flow Chart Image

Well, I just thought you'd all get a kick of that image, courtesy of John Q. Public (whoever he is!) and I also thought you may find these couple of bits of news that I stumbled upon recently, late at night while trying to keep from being bored to death. And that is that two of Rock n' Roll's tragic cases are possibly going to be reopened. Well, technically one of them is, and I'm not really sure about the other one, for it's just a book that's scheduled to be published, raising the awareness of the very sinister going's on that took place years ago. Both of them involve two of my heroes Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones, and Jimi Hendrix of the Jimi Hendrix Experience / Gypsy Sun and Rainbows / Band of Gypsys fame. And what do both of these cases have in common? Well, aside from the whole J conspiracy... which was artists that had the initial J as an initial at one point or another died under mysterious circumstances, and were at one point believed to be off'ed by someone. No one bought the drug trip stories, or death by misadventure claims, so now nearly half a century later is when this bit of new evidence finally comes to light, leaving officials with no choice but to re-examine the case. Hopefully both of them will get a full review and a proper determinable conclusion.

However, it's a bit too late, if you ask me, since it's events like these that literally let people get away with murder. Yes, I know that seems rather redundant, but it's the best I could come up with at this point, so bear with me, here! Personally I feel that the Hendrix death was a lot more sinister, since it was his greedy manager (Michael Jeffery) that did the dirty deed, along with a pair of henchmen. Not only was this creep draining him of nearly every penny that he (that is...Hendrix) was making off of his record sales and investing it in renovating some property off in the Cayman Islands somewhere, but he figured he needed to do it just so he could collect on the insurance. This act was so predetermined, in fact, that he needed to make it look like a natural death by misadventure for it could have violated some clause in the insurance policy (which Jeffery took out on him, leaving himself as the beneficiary, mind you...) if the death had been ruled as a suicide. Basically, they just drowned poor Hendrix with red wine, and a handful of sleeping pills, which this artist was already accustomed to, since he was a purported insomniac as well! So imagine that! The infinite wisdom of the authorities assumed it to have been an accidental overdose of sleeping pills combined with wine and a rather unfortunate episode of regurgitation/inhalation/whatever it is! Of course, I'm no one to say that this is how it actually happened, since this story has been published by Tappy Wright, a well known rock n' roll roadie who claims that Jeffery had confessed to the murder while he was in drunken stupor about a year or so after the event transpired. And you didn't think to tell anybody about it, Tappy?!? Why'd you wait so long dude... technically that would make you an accessory after the fact, would it not? Oh well, timing is everything, I guess. I guess you just need people to buy your book, just in case you're tried in court as such. I mean after all, it's not like the police are going to arrest Jeffery, since he died in a plane crash and all. Which can only lead me to yet another conspiracy theory. Is Jeffery really dead or just avoiding the authorities? Okay, it's not a conspiracy theory, but still another thing I'm pulling out of my arse at the moment?

Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix image

And this story of course shares yet another strange coincidence Brian Jones' death, which was also another drowning related incident. These events, of course, were depicted in the movie Stoned. Anyways, for some hitherto unknown reason, the authorities have recently declared that they are planning to review the case once again. Well good luck on that one, too ya coppers! Since the murderer has already passed away with the blood still on his hands and into the grave. Here's the link to that bit of refreshing news. The question is... who is going to be tried for all of this? If anybody should be arrested here, it ought to be the police for failing to investigate this matter to its fullest extent! Maybe they were bought off? I don't know... but at any rate, at least it's a start in shedding some new light onto the case. So we can only wait to see what happens.

Personally I feel as though somebody out there; maybe some grander, wiser, sentient being decided to screw around with our realm of possibilities (i.e. parallel dimensions and all that jazz) and he is now staring straight at the operational flow chart listed above to see what he should do next, since it must have screwed up somewhere along the way! And another interesting tidbit, while we're talking about murder of famous people and all that. It seems as though Michael Jackson's doctor is in a helluva pickle at the moment since he basically prescribed or injected one pill or shot too many. Of course, that's nothing new...and it's not the reason I'm mentioning it, for I just needed some seg way into the actual bit of news that surprised me. And that was that Michael Jackson's glove was sold for $49,000 in Australia. What surprised me was the fact that it was only sold for only five figures. You would expect things like this to go for a lot more in this day and age, but then again maybe people are putting common sense before their usual greed nowadays. Still, it'll definitely make a great investment for some kid's college tuition one of these days, should they decide to part with it after its been handed down from generation to generation and all that jazz. A true family heirloom, so to say! At times like these, I wonder if MC Hammer's inflatable pants are worth anything...and more importantly, who has them now? And...will they be up for auction anytime soon? For if I had a pair of pants like that... dare I say? I could rule the world! Well, actually that's just one of my many random, out of left field standardized test types of crazy thoughts. And no disrespect to you, Mr. "Stop...Hammertime!" sir. For it was just a randomly half-assed attempt at comedy there, folks; completely non sequitor. So you have my sincerest apologies... for I'm just too legit to quit what I'm doing here.

So in conclusion, this has been P.S. Elliott (for lack of a better name; like Dr. Gonzo XXVII) reporting (you call this reporting?) for the disassociated press, that is... The Gnoyze Guitar Mods & More Web Blog.

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