Saturday, January 2, 2010

Interview with Sol Ruiz

Welcome back friends, aside from jamming with The Mr. Push Collective Unit on New Year's Day, I couldn't think of any other way to ring in the new year by doing what I do best (or at least decently, to be modest here since I'm not a journalist, and only play one on the blogosphere!) and proceed with the interviews that I usually conduct from time to time. And this time around, the subject in question, is none other than Cuban folk singer/flower power hippy troubadour extraordinaire Sol Ruiz.

Her music reminds me of a cross between Donovan, Harry Nilsson with a touch of The Miami Sound Machinesque undertones, back in their 80's heyday, for a bit of texture. I first became aware of Sol when I came across her on MySpace, back in the day when I consumed my time with FriendBlastin' (that is; adding friends through a script program and not blasting my friends, as in insulting them... even though, technically, adding someone without knowing them and later on spamming them is downright insulting in my opinion, but bear with me here, folks...) and I immediately dug her music. So much so in fact, that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her music. So without any further ado... on with the interview! That is, after you play this video... enjoy!

PS: How long have you been involved in music?

SR: From my mother's womb 'til they lay me in my tomb.

PS: What artists, be they literary, visual, musical, and/or otherwise, would you say have the most profound effect on your work as an artist?

SR: God and the Devil

(FYI: To the best of my knowledge, neither God, nor the Devil have recording contracts...even though the latter has been known to make deals with people who would sell their soul for rock n' roll, and the former has been known to have some pretty fanatical press agents for His world famous book tour!)

PS: If it weren't for music, what else could you see yourself doing for a living?

SR: (I'd be a) Deep Sea Diver.

PS: What's your opinion on the Miami music scene?

SR: The Miami music scene is like a ship that sunk with tons jewelry waiting twenty leagues under the sea, waiting to get discovered. People one day will look to Miami for new upcoming music. To play in Miami you need to be well rounded and know many different styles. The mix of influences unique, in that you have Cuban and all Latin cultures, and a very American influence as well, but then again there is a lot of learning to do. Miami knows what I mean.

PS: What can the fans expect from your upcoming album entitled Outlander? How different would you say it will be from your previous offering of Ten Unprofessionals?

(Editor's Note: I mistakenly reversed the chronological release of these two albums, simply because I saw that the album Ten Unproffesionals was listed as being available soon on her MySpace profile, so I figured that that must have been the new album. Sol was quick to make the correction for me on this... cheers!)

Photo by Ben Shaul

SR: I would say Outlander has a more acoustic approach to it. No bells and whistles, just me and the band, recording together and having a good time. But just give it a listen and tell me yourself.

PS: Describe the creative process for you as a musician? Do the words and lyrics come first, or is it the other way around?

SR: Whatever is inspired first...there is never an order....let things flow naturally and they come without effort, just finding the feeling within you.

PS: What in your opinion would you say you best prefer when it comes to getting the word out there about yourself... impersonal ads on the internet via YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, or just about any other social network, or do you believe that your success comes more from interpersonal relationships; connecting with the crowd, your fans, etc.?

SR: I don't think it matters how many friends you have on Myspace, or what not. Its the people that know what you're about. They were there when you had that special moment and come back the next time with some friends. Live performances that make people smile and share.

PS: Would you say your music has a message? And if does, what would you say would be that message?

SR: The message is to love freely, freely love, find love and freedom and have a drink while and when you do it.

PS: What type of music would you see yourself doing in the future, as opposed to what you're involved with at the moment?

SR: I'll let the future hold that key. I don't really make plans for the future. I try to focus on the present and the work I'm involved with now, which is just trying to make good music, and entertain.

Well, there you have it folks... Sol Ruiz; folk troubadour extraordinaire. You can connect with her via Google Plus, follow her on Facebook, check her out on MySpace, and/or subscribe to her YouTube channel.

This has been P.S. Elliott (or Dr. Gonzo XXVII for short) reporting for the disassociated press, that is... The Gnoyze Guitar Mods & More Web Blog.

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