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Soler Flare - Photography by Monica

Hello once again, my fellow prisoners... a few months back I conducted a rather brief online interview with a local photographer by the name of Monica Soler, and in the weeks that followed, I realized that I still had this project still sitting in the back burner; and figured it was time I got around to publishing this piece.  So at any rate, to make the same old broken record of a story short, here's an exclusive interview with this very talented photographer who can shoot anything from wedding portraits, to head shots, to live musical event photos, you name it!

PS: How did you get into photography?

MS: Always loved it since I was a child. Started as a hobby then grew to a more professional level.

PS: And around what time would you say that this hobby turned into something more professional?

MS: Probably around 2010.

PS: And what happened during that year for you, professionally?

MS: Well, I created my website, got some business cards printed up, and started working freelance for friends and getting recommendations. Then I started collaborating with models and really getting out there in the field.

PS: Would you say that getting your work out there is as much of a challenge as it is for... say, a visual artist, for example?

MS: Not so much so, since painters and artists do most (of their) work for decorative purposes to hang in someone's home while photographers capture and record moments in people's lives, which is more of an ongoing necessity in every day life. There will always be a person or family in need of a portrait or a photographer for a special event in their lives.

PS: But you have entered your work in local gallery exhibitions, no?  Tell us a bit about that.

MS: Yes. I have had four exhibits total so far for my nature photography work.

PS: And how well would you say that those exhibits fared?

MS: They were okay and was just to get my name out there not to sell. I met a lot of new people in the industry.

PS: So from your first hand experience with these exhibits, do you feel there's a place for your photography in the art world?

MS: Yes of course. Just don't be in the business to make money but for the love and appreciation of art as a whole.

PS: That's great a piece of advice there... do you have any other words of encouragement for any fellow aspiring photographer out there?

MS: Follow your dreams. Love the arts. Teach those around you to love the arts. Always look forward to meeting new people with similar interests that you can learn from to improve your work.

PS: Can you name a few people whom you have you met that share your same passion for photography?

MS: Teajay, my friend Allie.

Model Tsvetanka Vergilova poses for one
of Monica's candid photo shoots.

PS: What would you say has been your most memorable, or notable moment in your career as a photographer?

MS: Italy. the most memorable and notable.

PS: Tell us about that...

MS: I was offered the trip to Rome, Italy to shoot a model that I had worked with once before. It is an Ecuadorian magazine named "La Verdad" that focuses on a variety of world and business news with the occasional beauty in the ads. I had several images posted in their magazine. I also recommended by a friend to assist in developing the 2014 Fertile Earth Foundation Calendar last year in 2013.  Proceeds of this calendar went to the foundation and they contacted me again this year to ask if they could use another one of the images I had taken from my previous shoot for their 2015 calendar. I have also worked a few local fundraiser fashion shows for a good cause (because I'm) always willing to help out in the community however I can.

PS: What would you say defines a photograph taken by you... specifically what sets it apart from any other photograph out there?

MS: I have an eye for capturing what I feel is bold, bright, and alluring but I don't define myself exclusively. I like to capture what is within that a normal person would not see from the outside. Only an artistic mind could decipher.

PS: Would you say that a Soler original photograph relies more on what's naturally occurring at the moment the picture was taken or does it undergo post editing to bring out the best in the overall composition?

MS: A little of both. Depending on what type of image it is I am capturing. If it is a portrait of a person and I want to portray what they really look like and accentuate all of their characteristics then the single shot in its original form is favorable. Same goes for nature and architectural images. I want to capture its essence. On the other hand, if it is commercial or fashion models I am working with then most of it relies on how well the makeup artist did the makeup and based on that I will always have to fix a blemish or enhance colors to give the high impact and perfect image that the client is seeking. Of course it all depends again on what type of photo shoot is in play.  The world of photography has endless compositions and styles that appeal to many different people. Everyone has multiple tastes and ideas of what they want out of an image.

PS: And have your own ideas changed over the course of your artistic career as a photographer; meaning... do you change your approach when it comes time to shoot something or someone new, or is there a specific formula that you always follow?

MS: Hmmm... tricky question. We all learn from our experiences and what works better and how to approach certain things in a more efficient way.  I feel I have developed myself professionally in the business of photography and know how to deal with certain clients and how to pick and choose what I feel is beneficial to me and my work. I don't take on a photography job just for the money. I have to like what I am doing and if it doesn't feel right I would rather not do it.

PS: Thank you for taking your time to do this interview.

In addition to candid portraits, Monica also shoots landscapes, does couple/family photos, and has had her pictures of nature showcased in galleries.  Please be sure to check out her Facebook page and hit the like button.

This has been the illustrious P.S. Elliott (AKA: Dr. Gonzo XXVII) reporting for the disassociated press, that is... The Gnoyze Guitar Mods & More Web Blog!

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