Saturday, August 30, 2014

Doctor Who Meme Part 3

Hello once again, my fellow Whovians... today, I'm pleased to announce my latest Doctor Who meme or perhaps memes, if you count quotes on images a meme. So feast your eyes on this and enjoy!

For the record... I noticed this strange resemblance on my own quite a while back, and did a search just to see if anyone else had made a similar connection, (just so I wouldn't come across as stealing anybody else's material) and I found this link here. What can I say? Great minds think alike, eh?

Come to think about, the late great Ron Palillo does
resemble Peter Calpadi a little bit doesn't he?

Nah, wait... Peter looks a lot more like Craig Ferguson. But that's probably
because they were in a band together! (see Dreamboys)

You know, it's all just a big ball of wibbly wobbly
timey whimey meta crisis stuff!

Hang on... wait a minute!  What's this?

He also kind of looked like David Tennant there
for a split second or two, didn't he?!?


So then...

Perhaps Jon can help us out here?

What about you, Tom?

Right...Now you're gettin' it!

This has been Doctor (Who?) Gonzo XXVII transmitting a distress call from the pocket universe in which my home planet of Gallifrey currently resides in and emitting a distress beacon under the guise of P.S. Elliott in order to report for the disassociated press, that is... The Gnoyze Guitar Mods & More Web Blog.

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