Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lego My Ergo... Part II

Hello again, my fellow prisoners... So the other day, I was just wasting my time on social media (Facebook, to be exact) as I usually do when I got nothing better to do, when I stumbled across a shared video to one of my favorite literal block content producers, which arrived in the form of a long overdue, but still highly unexpected game release trailer; which was nothing other than the video that I have embedded below for continuity purposes. Let the nerdgasm ensue!

Well, that certainly looks promising, if I do say so myself! It was almost as if someone (well, not just anyone Joe Schmoe, but rather someone of some importance - relative to the gaming industry; probably in charge of packaging a concept and most likely the one in charge of marketing the ever loving shit out of it all) actually read my previous blog post (entitled Lego My Ergo - hence the obvious title for this new post here) written ages ago, during the time of the dinosaurs. And speaking of which... did I mention that characters from Jurassic Park would be making their appearance here, as well? Looks like Chris Pratt will be pulling double duty voicing both Emmett and the Lego version of Owen, which would explain that odd reference (or should I say Pixar style tie-in) of a dinosaur as well as the Jurassic Park Theme Music playing in Lego Batman III.

Of course, this trailer up above only revealed a brief glimpse at the Back to the Future brick built versions of Marty & Doc. It wasn't until I saw this other trailer down below that I was eager to play this game. But still I wasn't that sold on the idea yet... because this whole new gimmick that they developed of incorporating an actual brick build as a controller during gameplay is enough to see just how far the corporate dick is being shoved up the consumers' collective arse... and with the current market value of all these expansion sets (most of which are required to play the game), I think I'll keep from shelling out my money anytime soon. Couldn't they just make a scaled down version that didn't require the use of this special Lego set brick build controller? Maybe it was corporate's way of getting rid of all the left over bricks that they produced prior to announcing that they were going to use environmentally safer (i.e. greener) substances to produce the blocks with. And maybe, just maybe... several years on down the road (when we're up to our necks in ocean water, courtesy of the melted polar ice caps and all) these expansion sets will be fetching an upwards of a thousand bucks or so on eBay, that is if the government hasn't taxed the crap out of that business empire too!

But then... they pulled a good one on me by announcing that Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, The Simpsons, and a slew of other famously known and well beloved franchises would also be appearing in this colossal epic story line crossover! Here's some proof of that, followed by some further proof...

At this point, I just want to say that being the loyal fan that I am and all... I would consider turning to a life of crime just to get my hands on this game! There's no way the market value of a game like this with all its expansion sets could possibly drop on an online auction site any time soon. In fact, quite the opposite will most likely happen... causing the availability (as well as the overall rarity) of the sets to go up in value to the point where people may just have to settle for buying used sets that probably have some pieces missing or worse yet, broken! Let's face it, people... the whole gimmick that the video game industry is using to market their games and gain some profit out of it all before it depreciates in value is just plain stupid, and a little sinister on working parents around the holiday season, to say the least. Can't you just make enough of these things to destroy the planet with all the plastic it comes housed in and leave it at a highly affordable cost so that gaming idiots such as myself aren't aware of the damage that they're doing to environment simply by storing a green (or in some cases a transparent white) gaming box in a closet somewhere already?!? JUST END IT ALL ALREADY!!!

Colonel Kurtz and Lego Expansion Sets

Okay... maybe that didn't go in the direction I hoped it would---for I really can't get enough of video games; especially anything related to LEGO; but what can I say? I'm just a little bit conscious of my surroundings, and to see a polar ice cap melting right before my very lifetime is enough to open my eyes a bit; at least, when they're not busy being distracted for about fifteen seconds or more (depending on the random length of my ever shrinking attention span, that is). Anyways, it was thrilling to see that they even went all out and managed to get not only Christopher Lloyd to reprise his role for the game (as well as the commercial) but they also got Michael J. Fox as well to voice Marty McFly! For a while I was thinking that they may have had to settle for voice actor A.J. Locascio as a pretty darn close substitute to play him... you know, like they did in the Back to the Future - The Game?). And just like any other game of the LEGO franchise, I'm pretty sure it's going to be one of those monumental play each and every level over and again until you get all the bricks achievements and whatnot whilst I keep wondering why I haven't gotten my life together, settled down, got married, and all that jazz...

Until then... future boys and girls, this has been P.S. Elliott (AKA: Doctor "Mario?" Gonzo XXVII) reporting for the disassociated press, that is... The Gnoyze Guitar Mods & More Web Blog.

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